Announcing: Turning Pointt Members-Only Reports

The Turning Pointt Members-Only Reports sales page is now live.

You can find out more about its membership by clicking here. There is a lot of information on the page, and you’ll find pricing details at the bottom.

What’s included in the Members-Only Reports?

Here’s a snapshot of what you will get with your Turning Pointt Report Subscription.

Focus on KEY trading instruments (scripts): Lack of clarity in selecting trading instruments often causes traders to lose out on excellent opportunities. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of volatile trading instruments that consistently provide excellent opportunities.

Keeps you Informed about Weekly and Monthly Turning Points: Each of our reports covers a wide range of time periods. We prioritize larger timeframes because that’s where the market first provides crucial clues about upcoming major movements.

Analyzes Turning Points on the Daily timeframe chart: The probability of trend change increases when short-term (daily) turning points meet weekly and monthly turning points. So, now you know why we do not focus on just one timeframe at a time.

High-Probability Seasonal Setups: Seasonality plays a vital role in human lives and market trends. And that’s why we often examine seasonal trends to identify high-probability turning points before they happen. You gain a distinct advantage when you have that knowledge.

Reports based on the Work of WD Gann and Proprietary methods: Our 20-year research into Gann’s secret work keeps you ahead in the markets. On top of that, we use multiple proprietary methods that we have developed over the years.

Turning Points for Hourly Periods: There is another tool I found helpful. It is a time-based method of taking short-term swing positions. As I mentioned earlier, we looked at multiple periods to pinpoint future turns.

The Price levels that Matter most: TIME is not the only factor we use to locate turns; we also combine it with Price, which results in optimal trade entries.

Additional Reports on New Opportunities as they Arise: You’ll receive free reports on additional trading opportunities in addition to the monthly published reports.

One-to-one Support from the Author: We are committed to your satisfaction. And that’s why you’ll receive direct support from Divesh (author of the reports). Anytime you need his help, you can email him or contact him through WhatsApp without obligation.

The current quarterly and yearly expense is an introductory offer, which will get revised from 01 January 2023. So, take advantage of the offer that you won’t get again in the future.

If you require further information currently unavailable on the website, then please feel free to contact me at I will be happy to assist you. – Divesh.

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