Did You Catch this Week’s TOP in the Bank Nifty? 

Did You Catch This Week’s TOP on the Bank Nifty? 

Last week’s Members-Only Report readers did. They were forewarned about the exact price zone to watch out for resistance/reversal.

The following is a small excerpt from last week’s published Members-Only Report on Bank Nifty.  

a small excerpt from last week's published Members-Only Report on Bank Nifty

The 43800-44100 range was explicitly highlighted as a range to remain cautious since several parameters were moving against the bulls.

And now, here’s an updated chart after the report. 

TOP on the Bank Nifty

As the price reaches the upper end of the zone (44100), it cracks down. From there, it falls like anything else. Interestingly, the index plunged almost 1,000 points from the top.

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The Members-Only Reports do! It keeps you ahead of the crowd by providing high-probability time and price turning points.

When you are forewarned, you are forearmed. It is better to be prepared than to be unprepared.

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