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A Monthly Published Report that provides you with detailed Time-Specific Turning Points for Nifty, Bank Nifty, Crude Oil (MCX), Gold (MCX), USDINR, and volatile stocks like Reliance.

Wouldn’t it be Highly Profitable to know the Future turning points of the market days, weeks, months, or even years in Advance?

Most traders often look at the chart in hindsight and think, “I wish I had exited here at the top” or “I wish I had entered here at the bottom.” They know that those actions would have significantly increased their trading profits.

To overcome this problem, you need to make TIME your best friend by identifying the DATES where the market will change its trend. Doing so will prepare you to take advantage of entry/exit opportunities when they arise.

So, how can we determine the turning point in advance (based on time)? Does any scientific method exist for predicting these turning points (dates) in advance?

Introducing: The Turning Pointt Report

A Monthly Published Report that provides you with detailed Time-Specific Turning Points for Nifty, Bank Nifty, Crude Oil (MCX), Gold (MCX), USDINR, and volatile stocks like Reliance.

The time-based turning points discussed in the report can be relied upon because they are based on the seasonal mathematical time cycles of the markets. It will provide you with all the information you need to wait for the RIGHT TIME and take action according to your risk appetite.

When you know well in advance when the market will change its trend, you will be able to stay ahead of the crowd. As a result, you will have a distinct advantage over most retail traders.

The report includes time-based turning points for stocks/indices/commodities and the currency markets. And it is only for swing and positional traders, not intraday traders.

Some traders say that markets can’t be timed. However, this chart of the Nifty 50 Index shows that it is possible to do so:

According to the chart above, the arrows indicate the points at which the Turning Point Report alerted traders to a change in market trends based on the timing.

These timing-based turning points are derived from the Turning Pointt Report System.

The chart above shows where long-term changes have taken place. And the chart below illustrates how long-term turning points can be merged into daily turning points.

Nifty Daily 3-4 Months Turns 2022

Can you imagine how much more your profitability would increase if you knew when the markets would turn… days, weeks, or even months in advance? So, wouldn’t that boost your trading profits?

A few words from our clients (the Readers of the Report)!

“…The price levels that you provide in your weekly and monthly reports help a lot in making informed decisions about when to buy and sell. Great work!…”

– D.B. (Investor and Swing Trader)

Here’s a snapshot of what you will get with your Turning Pointt Report Subscription.

Focus on KEY trading instruments (scripts): Lack of clarity in selecting trading instruments often causes traders to lose out on excellent opportunities. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of volatile trading instruments that consistently provide excellent opportunities.

Keeps you Informed about Weekly and Monthly Turning Points: Each of our reports covers a wide range of time periods. We prioritize larger timeframes because that’s where the market first provides crucial clues about upcoming major movements.

Analyzes Turning Points on the Daily timeframe chart: The probability of trend change increases when short-term (daily) turning points meet weekly and monthly turning points. So, now you know why we do not focus on just one timeframe at a time.

High-Probability Seasonal Setups: Seasonality plays a vital role in human lives and market trends. And that’s why we often examine seasonal trends to identify high-probability turning points before they happen. You gain a distinct advantage when you have that knowledge.

Reports based on the Work of WD Gann and Proprietary methods: Our 20-year research into Gann’s secret work keeps you ahead in the markets. On top of that, we use multiple proprietary methods that we have developed over the years.

Turning Points for Hourly Periods: There is another tool I found helpful. It is a time-based method of taking short-term swing positions. As I mentioned earlier, we looked at multiple periods to pinpoint future turns.

Additional Reports on New Opportunities as they Arise: You’ll receive free reports on additional trading opportunities in addition to the monthly published reports.

The Price levels that Matter most: TIME is not the only factor we use to locate turns; we also combine it with Price, which results in optimal trade entries.

One-to-one Support from the Author: We are committed to your satisfaction. And that’s why you’ll receive direct support from Divesh (author of the reports). Anytime you need his help, you can email him or contact him through WhatsApp without obligation.

By the way, here are the recent hourly chart turning points of the Nifty 50 Index.

“…Your timing calculations are very accurate. I have been following your turning points and appreciate your work. Thanks for sending reports by Saturday evening, which gives me time to mark my charts and get everything ready by Sunday. Keep it up!..”

– S.C. (A Trader who Focuses on Timing)

Despite this, You Should Keep in Mind that Our Report is Not for Everyone.

Our monthly report provides an overview of the time zones most likely to experience trend changes.

We do not claim to be foolproof – inevitably, a very small percentage of turn points will fail or are displaced by a bar or two.

Despite this, we believe the information in these reports can give you a significant edge, especially when combined with your existing techniques.

Here’s What Makes This Report Unique:

Through our Reports, you will be able to know well in advance the dates (time-specific turning points) of changing market trends.

It’s backed by research and not dependent on random theory. With decades of studies of Gann’s work and time cycles, we have developed several proprietary trading systems for generating turning points.

It’s not about teaching you how to find them for yourself. It is about giving you dates (time-specific turning points), so you can watch out for changes in market trends and take action accordingly.

Every month, you will receive this report, which covers the dates (time-based turning points) of the indices/stocks/currencies/commodities. You will also receive additional reports if additional opportunities arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers.

Is this a course where I learn to find time-based turning points on my own?

This is not a course where you will learn any method or technique for figuring out turning points for yourself.

Is it a tip or a call providing services like those provided by advisory companies?

We do not recommend Buy-Sell trades or encourage trade execution. Executing trades will be your sole responsibility. Therefore, please do not ask whether I trade in cash or F&O. I am not registered with SEBI. So, I do not give BUY/SELL calls or recommendations. 

When will the hourly cycle timings be provided?

You will receive a weekly report on the hourly turning point every weekend.

Can I expect complete handholding from you?

It’s not a course or a PMS service, so no handholding will be provided.

Why is the price so low compared to other or similar service providers?

Our fee is currently low because we want to make this service available to as many people as possible.

However, the fee will not always be low. Periodically, we’ll revise the fees, such as every three months. That will only apply to new clients joining at that time. For example, your annual fee is 5500 INR. You will not be affected by the increase in fee hike, as your subscription will remain at 5500 INR per year.

Please describe the support you will offer.

You can contact me by email or WhatsApp if you have questions/doubts about the report. We can also speak on the phone if necessary.

Will I be added to a Facebook/WhatsApp/Telegram group?

No Facebook, WhatsApp, or Telegram group will be created. We’ll send reports via email in a secure digital format. And any urgent communication will be done via email or WhatsApp.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

We don’t offer any money-back guarantee. However, based on our time cycle expertise, we guarantee you 100% satisfaction with the information you’ll receive in the reports.

I’m looking for time-based turning points on a specific stock or commodity that are not included in a monthly report.

There will be an additional charge for that. Feel free to contact me at for further information.

What will be the renewal charges for next year?

It will be the same price you paid for the first year. However, we will also raise the price for old clients in the future. It will only be raised if we add some extra benefits to the service, and we will notify you beforehand.

How and when will I receive my monthly report?

On the 1st or 2nd of each month, you’ll receive an email with a report in a secure digital file format. And you can access that file on a single personal computer.

I am a stockbroker or a teacher. So, can I share these reports’ content with my clients or students?

The report is only for your use. If you want to inform others about our reports, ask them to subscribe. We apologize for being straightforward, but if you’re a stockbroker or a financial market educator, then don’t subscribe. You cannot share any part of the report with anyone else.

When the market reaches a turning point, how should I take advantage of it? 

When you join, you’ll receive a pdf instruction file containing all the necessary details you need to know to take advantage of our reports.

What is the process for subscribing to this Report Service?

When you subscribe to any of our services, you’re required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and an online KYC form with us not to disclose the contents of the service to anyone.

You can only access our reports and services if you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and submit an online KYC form. If you are not interested in signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement, please do not consider investing in our reports.

Please follow the steps below to subscribe to this report service if you agree with the above-mentioned conditions.

The following steps will guide you through subscribing to this report course.

Step 1: Send an email to – expressing your interest in subscribing to this report service.

Step 2: We will send you a KYC form and Non-Disclosure Agreement contract via email, which you must complete and return via email.

Step 3: After receiving the KYC form and Non-Disclosure Agreement Contract, we will email you the bank account information for transferring the service fees.

Step 4: Once we receive the fees, we’ll email you instructions to download the report and other files to the email you specified in the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

During the entire process, I will guide you step-by-step. However, if you get stuck or need assistance at any point, don’t hesitate to contact me at, and I will assist you as soon as possible.


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Investments of just 1185 INR a month can help you stay ahead of the crowd in the financial markets.

Daily Timeframe Turning Points

High-Probability Seasonal Setups

Hourly Chart Turning Points

Weekly & Monthly Turning Points

Direct Support from the Author

Reports on New Opportunities


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Investments of just 796 INR a month can help you stay ahead of the crowd in the financial markets.

Daily Timeframe Turning Points

High-Probability Seasonal Setups

Hourly Chart Turning Points

Weekly & Monthly Turning Points

Direct support from the Author

Reports on New Opportunities

Important Details:

In case of any issues related to payment, feel free to email me at – I’ll help you as soon as possible.

Once your payment is completed, you’ll receive an email about the steps involved in accessing the pdf document.