Did You Catch This Week’s TOP and A 3000 Points decline in the Bank Nifty?

Did You Catch This Week’s TOP on the Bank Nifty? 

The Members-Only Report readers did. We provided our readers with the exact price zone where they could short (SELL) the Bank Nifty Index at the time.

Below is an excerpt from last week’s Members-Only Report on Bank Nifty. 

As you can see in the above image, we clearly mentioned the 42850-43050 range as a zone to take a short position on the Bank Nifty.

Here is the updated chart after that report.

Bank Nifty Index fell nearly 3000 points

Bank Nifty hit 43078 (close to 43050) this week and then began a downward trend. From its high, the Bank Nifty Index fell nearly 3000 points. It’s a dramatic and sharp drop, which may be a bit of a shock for traders.

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The Members-Only Reports do! It keeps you ahead of the crowd by providing high-probability time and price turning points.

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Here are a few words from our clients (the Readers of the Report)!

Remember, when you are forewarned, you are forearmed. It is better to be prepared than to be unprepared.

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