And We Begin

For the past 12-15 months, I have been working on Turning Pointt. After thinking and brainstorming for quite some time, I finally decided to start.

Some people may think that starting a service like this is easy. But in reality, it is difficult. That’s because maintaining multiple time cycle analysis files and updating them on a regular basis can be very time-consuming.

But after much effort, I have finally sorted them out. In December 2022, the first special report in this series will be published.

The report will be published each month.

It means that every month on the 1st or 2nd day of the month, you’ll get a special report that will include the key turning points of that month.

For example, the December 2022 report will have time-based turning points (dates) for the entire month. Then in the next month, January 2023, you’ll receive the updated report for that month, which will include time-based turning points for that specific month.

I will also publish additional reports if any new opportunities arise within that month.

Suppose If I find a worthwhile opportunity in some stock, commodity, or currency instrument that is not included in the monthly report. Then you’ll receive that as a separate special report.

What will be covered in the report?

The primary focus of each report will be on the time component of the market. I will give a breakdown of the dates where a significant change in trend will occur during that month.

Also, I will provide you with the key price points to help you make an informed decision. It is critical to understand that these are not normal support or resistance levels; they are pivotal projection levels.

Specifically, what stocks, commodities, or currencies will be discussed in the report?

Indices: Nifty and Bank Nifty

Commodities (MCX): Gold and Crude Oil

Currencies: USDINR

Stocks: Reliance and Maruti

Note: I’ll update the above list from time to time. Major changes will happen to the list of stocks. Indexes, commodities, and currency instruments will remain unchanged forever.

In addition, there will be much more information in the extra reports. So stay tuned. Soon, I will publish more details about its membership.

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